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Are you facing a divorce in Brooklyn, New York? Finding the right legal counsel can be a daunting task. With over 30 years of experience navigating complex divorce cases, Hanna & Vlahakis Law Offices is here to help. We’re dedicated to providing superior legal representation, caring service, and compassionate guidance during these difficult times. Our team understands the importance of protecting your rights, assets, and children’s well-being.

At Hanna & Vlahakis Law Offices, we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to divorce cases. Our team of experienced divorce attorneys will help you develop the most effective strategy for your unique situation. We’ll take the time to understand your needs, goals, and concerns before tailoring a legal plan designed to accomplish them. Our skilled and knowledgeable divorce lawyers will also work to negotiate a settlement agreement or represent you in court — whatever it takes to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Lawyers

The cost of a divorce can vary widely depending on several factors, including the complexity of the case and the number of issues in dispute. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 for an uncontested divorce. If your case goes to trial, costs can increase significantly. Litigation will set you back a staggering $27,000 or more.

In most cases, the length of a divorce is determined by how contentious the proceedings are. An uncontested divorce can be finalized in as little as six weeks, while complex contested divorces can take several months — or even years — to resolve.

In New York, there are two major types of divorce: contested and uncontested. A contested divorce is when the parties cannot reach an agreement on one or more issues. An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties agree on all important issues, such as property division, child support and custody, alimony, and other matters. Fault divorce, no-fault divorce, and collaborative divorce are all variations of divorces in New York City.

When filing for divorce in New York, you must meet the state’s residency requirements and fulfill certain other requirements before the court will grant a divorce. Additionally, there are numerous legal issues, such as the division of assets and debt, child custody arrangements, spousal support payments, and more. Everything must be settled before the divorce can be finalized. Having an experienced divorce attorney on your side is important to help navigate the complex process and protect your interests.

The divorce process can vary depending on the circumstances of each case but typically involves filing for divorce and serving your spouse with the necessary paperwork. Afterward, there may be court appearances or negotiations between spouses to settle disputes regarding child custody and the division of assets. Eventually, a judge will issue a final decree, which will include the court’s ruling on any contested issues.

The process for filing for divorce in New York begins with the completion of a summons and complaint. These documents must be filed with the court and served on your spouse. After filing, you will attend a series of hearings before a judge who will ultimately issue a ruling on the division of assets, child custody, and other issues. A divorcing couple may choose to negotiate a settlement agreement on their own or with the help of a divorce attorney.

Legal separation is a court-ordered arrangement that allows a married couple to live apart while still remaining legally married. It can provide couples with the opportunity to separate without dissolving the marriage, allowing them to pursue individual goals or engage in divorce proceedings without having to be divorced first. Parents who are legally separated can still have joint legal custody of their children, even if they live in separate homes.

Divorce mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process in which both parties work with a neutral mediator to resolve their differences and reach agreements. The goal of the mediation process is to help couples come to an amicable agreement on issues such as child custody, support payments, and the division of assets without going to court. Relationship problems and communication issues can be addressed through mediation, which is often less expensive and time-consuming than traditional divorce proceedings, and it can also help couples avoid the stress of a long court battle.

A divorce attorney typically specializes in matters related to divorces, such as child support and alimony. Meanwhile, a family law attorney specializes in family issues, such as adoption or guardianship cases. It’s important to note that most divorce attorneys will also provide representation for other family law matters.

Because divorce is a complex legal matter, it is highly recommended that you obtain legal advice and representation before proceeding. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of your case, protect your rights and interests, and ultimately achieve a favorable outcome.

If you are seeking to dissolve your marriage in Brooklyn, contact Hanna & Vlahakis Law Offices today at (718) 680-8400 for a consultation with one of our dedicated divorce lawyers. We will provide clear answers to your questions and develop a customized strategy for your case. With our decades of experience, we will work hard to protect your best interests and ensure that you get the outcome you deserve.

For most divorce cases in Brooklyn, it is best to hire a local divorce lawyer familiar with the area. A local divorce attorney will be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your case. They will also have an understanding of the nuances of Brooklyn’s courts, which can be invaluable when navigating the legal system.

Working with an experienced divorce lawyer can help you understand your rights and obligations under New York law. When looking for a good marriage attorney, it’s important to do your research. Look for a divorce attorney with experience in your type of case and a proven track record of success. Ask friends or family members for referrals. Finally, make sure you feel comfortable talking to the marriage lawyer and that they are willing to take the time to answer your questions and provide you with the best advice for your situation.

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We understand that divorce can be an emotionally draining experience. That’s why we strive to provide our clients with the support and understanding they need. Our family law attorneys are here to answer your questions, explain legal procedures, and help you make informed decisions. We’ll take the time to listen to your concerns and provide honest advice every step of the way.

At Hanna & Vlahakis Law Offices, you’ll get the personalized attention and superior legal representation that you deserve. Our experienced team is prepared to handle any divorce case — no matter how complex. Contact us today for a phone consultation and find out how we can help.

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Hanna & Vlahakis Law Offices is the top-rated divorce lawyer in Brooklyn. Our experienced divorce attorneys can help you with a wide range of family law services, including:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Contested Divorce
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • No-Fault Divorce
  • Fault Divorce
  • Same-Sex Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Collaborative Law
  • Pre-nuptial Agreements
  • Post-nuptial Agreements
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Child custody and visitation matters
  • Child support arrangements
  • Alimony/spousal maintenance issues
  • Asset division disputes
  • Modification of parenting plans

Our trusted divorce attorneys are dedicated to protecting your interests and helping you achieve the best possible results. Family laws are constantly changing, so it’s important to work with a family lawyer who understands the current laws and how they apply to your unique situation. Our team has extensive experience navigating complex cases, so you can trust us to provide knowledgeable legal counsel every step of the way.

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We understand the complexities of divorce and family law cases, allowing us to develop tailored legal strategies for each client. Our knowledge and expertise of the New York state divorce law give us an edge in and out of court negotiations.

Superior legal representation throughout the process

We will provide the compassionate and understanding guidance and representation you need to ensure your case is handled expeditiously and effectively. An attorney-client relationship with Hanna & Vlahakis Law Offices will ensure your legal needs are met with the utmost professionalism and discretion.

Advocates for protecting your rights and assets

Our legal team is dedicated to helping clients protect their rights and assets to move forward confidently. With a divorce lawyer in Brooklyn, New York, you can rely on us to explore all legal avenues to protect your rights and interests.

Comprehensive communication

Get an in-depth case assessment during our initial consultation and find out how we can best help you. We will make sure we keep you informed throughout the entire legal process and provide timely updates on important developments in your case.


Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation, we will get a better understanding of your divorce case and determine the best course of action. Individuals will receive a thorough assessment of their case, and our divorce lawyers will advise you on the legal options available.

Preparation & Filing

Family law practice requires thorough attention to detail and knowledge of the latest legal precedents. We will begin preparing all the necessary paperwork and file it in court. This process can be complex, so it’s important to have an experienced divorce attorney handling your case.

Case Evaluations & Analysis

After gathering all the necessary information, we will evaluate your case and develop a legal strategy. Our professionals specialize in family law and will provide a detailed analysis of your case to ensure you understand the legal process.

Court Representation

We are prepared to represent your case in the courtroom if negotiations fail. We will provide you with the aggressive representation you need to achieve a favorable result. A trial may be necessary in some cases, but we will evaluate all options to determine the best course of action.

Negotiation & Resolution

We will negotiate with the other party to try and come to a favorable resolution without having to go to court. This is often the most cost-effective way to resolve a divorce case. People will be provided with guidance to make sure they’re making the best decision for their families.


If you are not pleased with the outcome of your case, we can help you appeal it to a higher court for a better result. Our experienced divorce attorneys will take the appropriate steps to file an appeal and build your case with compelling legal arguments. We have a proven track record of success on appellate court cases, so you can trust us to fight for your rights.

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Hanna & Vlahakis Law Offices also provide assistance with bankruptcy cases in Brooklyn, New York. Our office is dedicated to helping individuals get out of debt and make a fresh start. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help you understand the different types of bankruptcy and advise you on the best strategy for your situation. We will assist you in filing all necessary paperwork, representing you during creditor meetings, and making sure your rights are protected throughout the entire process. Specializing in Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcies, we are prepared to help you achieve the best outcome possible. Get in touch with us at (718) 680-8400 for more information.

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