Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York

Bensonhurst is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. To the northwest, 14th Avenue delineates the neighborhood’s border. On its northeast side lies 60th Street, while on its southeast corner stands both 22nd Avenue (Bay Parkway) and Avenue P. Finally, 86th Street is located southwest of this well-defined area.

Nestled near the neighborhoods of Dyker Heights in the northwest, Borough Park and Mapleton to the northeast, Bath Beach to the southwest, and Gravesend in the southeast lies a peaceful community containing both residential and commercial areas. Bensonhurst is a melting pot of cultures, with Italian Americans and Chinese immigrants making up the majority of its population.

Known as Little Italy and Hongkong, Bensonhurst is home to numerous restaurants, shops, and stores that offer a variety of cuisines and services. The neighborhood’s residents can enjoy shopping in the many boutiques on 86th Street, known as the Brooklyn “strip,” or peruse its local markets for fresh produce and other goods.

Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York

A visit to Bensonhurst would only be complete with a stop at the neighborhood’s several pizza parlors and ice cream shops serving delicious Italian specialties. You can also enjoy a stroll along the waterfront, where views of Manhattan and Verrazano Bridge will take your breath away.

The people of Bensonhurst are warm and welcoming, offering a unique sense of community that can only be found in Brooklyn. This neighborhood is the perfect place to call home if you’re looking for a safe and comfortable area close to the city’s hustle and bustle. With its convenient access to transportation, quality schools, plentiful job opportunities, and an abundance of entertainment, Bensonhurst is sure to be the perfect place to settle down and call home.

Bensonhurst – Brooklyn, New York: A Vibrant Neighborhood with Something for Everyone.

Bensonhurst has plenty to offer to both its residents and visitors alike. It is home to multiple shopping plazas and markets that offer everything from produce, meat, dairy products, and seafood to clothing, appliances, and electronics. The area also has a plethora of restaurants and pizzerias, delis, and bakeries. Along with this commercial activity, Bensonhurst is known for its vibrant cultural life. It boasts multiple Italian music venues, cafes, Chinese opera homes, museums, libraries, and parks.

Bensonhurst is an old-fashioned Brooklyn neighborhood that has maintained its traditional character while continuing to evolve and grow with the times. Boasting a variety of attractions, it is easy to see why Bensonhurst remains one of Brooklyn’s most popular neighborhoods. It is a great place to live, work, or visit.

The neighborhood also has a unique mix of architectural styles reflecting its diverse history. From brownstones to tenement buildings, Bensonhurst contains a mix of different structures that represent its cultural past and present.

All in all, Bensonhurst is an amazing place to live or visit! With its diverse culture and old-fashioned charm, it’s easy to see why this neighborhood is one of Brooklyn’s most popular destinations. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Bensonhurst is sure to offer something for everyone. Come explore and find out why!

Bensonhurst Park

Places & Attractions to Visit in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY

Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, is a vibrant neighborhood filled with culture and attractions. Here are some of the best places to visit while you’re in Bensonhurst:

  1. Bensonhurst Park – This park offers a variety of recreational activities, including walking trails, a playground, and basketball courts. You can also take in the views of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge from here.
  2. Seth Low Playground – A great spot for families to spend the day, Seth Low Playground features basketball and tennis courts, a playground, and a spray shower.
  3. Lt. Joseph Petrosino Playground – Named after a legendary detective from the NYPD, this playground offers a variety of recreational activities for kids and adults alike. There’s also a full-sized soccer field and two baseball fields here.
  1. Italian American Museum – Pay homage to Bensonhurst’s Italian-American heritage at this museum filled with artifacts and exhibits about New York City’s Italian-American culture.
  2. 18th Avenue – Take a stroll down this vibrant street filled with restaurants, cafes, and stores offering various products and services. You can also find plenty of bars and clubs here for those looking for a night out on the town.
  3. St. Athanasius Roman Catholic Church – This stunning church in Bensonhurst’s heart is a beautiful sight to behold. The architecture, stained glass windows, and bell tower are all worth seeing.
  4. Adventurers Amusement Park – Families looking to have some fun will find plenty of activities to keep them occupied at Adventurers Amusement Park. This 12-acre facility features go-karts, bumper cars, mini golf, and a water park in the summertime.
  5. Dyker Heights Christmas Lights – During the holiday season, go and take in the amazing display of Christmas lights that decorate the streets of Dyker Heights. The sheer volume of decorations is an impressive sight to behold.
  6. Dyker Beach Park – Spend a pleasant day outdoors at Dyker Beach Park, which offers walking trails, a golf course, and plenty of picnic spaces.
  7. Chinatown – Bensonhurst’s Chinatown is a great place to explore and find unique goods, such as traditional Chinese medicine, traditional food items, and souvenirs. There are also street markets here where you can find locally-made products.

Shopping & Dining in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY

Bensonhurst is also a great place to shop and dine. The neighborhood streets are lined with stores, restaurants, cafes, and more. Here are some of the best spots to visit in Bensonhurst:


  1. 18th Avenue – The main shopping street in Bensonhurst is 18th Avenue, which is home to a variety of stores and restaurants. Here you will find everything from clothing retailers, to jewelry stores, to cafes.
  2. Marshalls – This discount department store offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories for both men and women.
  3. Kings Plaza Shopping Center – This large indoor shopping complex features more than 100 stores, including anchor stores like Macy’s and JCPenney and many smaller retailers.
  4. L&B Spumoni Gardens – This is one of Bensonhurst’s most famous restaurants, serving up classic Italian dishes and the beloved Sicilian slices.
  5. Europa Pizzeria – Since 2001, Europa Pizzeria has been a go-to destination for authentic Italian food in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Their famous wood-fired pizza, expertly made with fresh ingredients, is definitely a must-try.
  6. Ortobello’s – A classic family-run restaurant serving hearty portions of Italian-American favorites in a casual setting.
  7. New Ruan’s Restaurant – This popular Chinese restaurant has been serving classic dishes for decades. Chef specialties include Pecking Duck and Hunan Special.
  8. Istanbul Bay – This Turkish restaurant offers a variety of flavorful dishes in a charming atmosphere. You can’t go wrong with their delicious shish kebabs and other specialties.
  9. Tenzan – Located on 18th avenue, this Japanese restaurant is always a favorite spot for sushi, tempura, and other Japanese classics.
  10. Outback Steakhouse – If you’re more of a meat-lover, check out this popular steakhouse that serves up delicious juicy steaks and other classic American dishes.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, Bensonhurst has something to satisfy your craving.

Bensonhurst is a great neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, to explore and experience the city’s unique culture. Whether you’re looking for a night out on the town or want to find some interesting shopping and dining spots, Bensonhurst has it all! From Italian eats at L&B Spumoni Gardens to traditional Chinese food at New Ruan’s Restaurant, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this neighborhood. So come check out Bensonhurst and see why it has been an integral part of Brooklyn life for decades!